Safe and Pleasurable Sexual Hair Pulling

Just because you enjoy pulling hair sexually doesn’t mean it is everybody’s cup of tea. There are some people who would never dream of having their hair pulled just to enjoy their sex experience. Not because they had a bad experience but simply because they find the idea absurd. Therefore, it is very important to have a mutual agreement with a partner before you go for it. if you are dealing with your spouse, you can slowly take her through the idea of pulling hair during sex. Let her know why you enjoy it as well as why you think she should appreciate it as well.

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Sexual hair pulling is considered as one of the most interesting experience but at the same time, it can turn out to be a very sensitive and painful experience. The two tips below will guide you through how to pull a girls hair:

1.    Spread Your Fingers Wide in Her Hair

The first and the most important step is identifying the hand that you will use for their exercise. You should spread your fingers in your partner’s hair as wide as possible and think of it as a very wide comb. Spreading your fingers ensures that you will grab a solid amount of hair in your hands when you close them. This might be hard for people with shorter hair but you should do your best.

2.    Start at the Very Bottom

Hair pulling sexual is an exercise that requires great technique. It is not something that you just come up with and have it done in an instance. No matter how experienced you are in the practice, there are some things that you will never ignore. Starting at the very bottom is another key thing as it ensures you have a touch on the sensitive nerve endings. This brings out the sensual effect you intended to bring out.


The two rules above works wonders in helping you and your partner enjoy pulling hair during sex. If done in the right way, it can be an everyday thing!