My Shield of Love

It is always fun to pursue a love relationship with someone you believe have the same feelings just like you. The connection is very sweet and firm and you are always sure that you have someone by your side no matter what. This feeling is however not mutual in many relationships due to the selfishness that has overwhelmed many people. Commitment between two people who love and value each other is a bond that can never be broken. Unfortunately, getting this kind of commitment is what has become a challenge for many.

The only place that you will get this kind of love and commitment is only in Bangalore escorts. These girls understand the true meaning of love and affection. The connection you build with Bangalore escorts although temporary, the experience is just out of this world. If you have had a dream of enjoying the beaty of true love, Bangalore escorts should top your list. These girls have a lot they have learnt in the years they have been in service. Some these include:

1.    Love is a decision and not a feeling

This might be weird for many as we have always believed that loving is a feeling that can never be controlled. The truth however is, we can teach our hearts on who to love and when to love. This simply means that choosing when to end the love relationships we have with the people we love is also within our power.

What this simply means is that Bangalore escorts are able to show love to every client they date for the short time they are together. Once their time is done, they give their love to their next client.

2.      Love is a two-way traffic

As much as the love Bangalore escorts exchange with their client is not reciprocated, they are not able to do much. This means, the reason why many men have never been able to enjoy the real meaning of love. Fortunately, Bangalore escorts have not only managed to make them feel the beauty of love but also realize their failure in the process. The problem is not with the women they have chosen to fall in love but their willingness to love.


Love is sweet but it is more of sacrifice than a gift. Therefore, if you want to enjoy its beauty, one should be ready to pay the price!