Escort’s Personal Life and Family Life

We all have a personal or confidential life and San Antonio escorts are not exceptional. These girls also have a private and even family life which some are proud to talk about while other never mention anything about them. Although it is possible to find a married woman working as a San Antonio escort they are quite rare. This is because:

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1.    They don’t have the confidence of coming out clean

It is one thing to be proud of the job you do and another thing to discuss it openly. For many San Antonio escorts they are very proud of the job they do but they fear coming out clean. This is because, they feel like their families might either disown them or treat them with contempt.

2.    They are not ready to run a family

According to many San Antonio escorts, having a family calls out for a lot of sacrifice. One of the things they fear is being ordered to quit their careers by their spouses. Therefore, they have chosen to remain single until the time they will be ready to retire.


One of the things that makes San Antonio escorts to retire from their profession when they are still young is to raise a family.

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